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Terms and Conditions

Booking - A booking is only secure after a 30% deposit has been paid. Deposits are payable by cash or cheque. All cheques must be cleared before the booking is confirmed. (Deposits are non refundable upon cancellation but are deducted from the total balance owed.)


Payments - The total outstanding balance must be paid in full before the session will commence, any outstanding balances will result in either cancellation of the session and loss of deposit or the session will be moved to a later date until payments are complete. Payments are acceptable in either cash or cheque. All cheques must be cleared before a session can commence. Any additional items such as prints, frames, mounted or digital images must be paid for before they become available to the client.


Prices - All prices for the session and additional items/requests will be discussed and confirmed on the client contract form before the session. All fully paid balances are followed by a receipt confirming full payment.


Advertising & Display - All images taken throughout the session may be used by the photographer for advertising purposes on websites, brochures, sample albums and social media sites such as facebook. If you do not wish for the images to be used for these purposes please tick the box on the client contract form.


Coverage - Although we work to comply with the majority of client requirements please note that the photographer will not be held responsible for the following.


  1. The photographer will always endeavour to capture everyone at the client's request during an event, however cannot accept responsibility if anyone is to be left out.


  1. In the event of a restricted area at a venue the photographer cannot accept responsibility for any obstructed view.


  1. Due to unpredictable lighting conditions colour may vary between some images, the photographer is not responsible for any uncontrollable colour or lighting change.


  1. The photographer will always ensure there is the available backup equipment to hand incase of any technical fault, however cannot accept responsibility for  any unproduced images due to a technical fault.


Creative licence - Blooming Rose Photography promise to always work with the client in order to create the best possible outcome, however the photographers creative viewpoint will be deemed correct on our location or anywhere else. Due to changes in weather or subjects on the day some photographs may not always be possible and we cannot guarantee a specific image, background, group formation etc.


Copyright - Blooming Rose Photography have full copyright over any images. All images are available to purchase after a photo shoot in electronic or printed form, all images must be purchased through Blooming Rose Photography and are not to be printed, copied or enlarged elsewhere photographically or electronically.


Cancellation - In the unlikely event that the photographer is sick, injured and/or there is complete failure of equipment beyond the photographers control the client is liable for a full refund upon cancellation. If the client cancels an appointment 7 days prior to the session they are liable for a partial refund where Blooming Rose Photography is entitled to the 30% deposit. Cancelling with less than 7 days prior to the session entitles blooming rose photography the full payable balance.


Postponement - In the event the client should postpone the session the full payable balance will be transferred to pay for the rearranged session at no additional charge, should the client rearrange the appointment more than 3 times it will result in cancellation and the full payable balance is non refundable.


Postponement due to weather conditions -  Any postponement of a session due to weather conditions will be rearranged on a date which will be agreed by both parties, however if the the client wishes to completely cancel a session with no rearrangement they are entitled to a full refund.


Personal accident - If a client or any of their party becomes injured during a photographic shoot and have been directed to be aware of equipment and their surroundings is deemed to be at their own risk and therefore the photographer can take no responsibility over any issues caused.


Damage to equipment - In the event any damage comes to the equipment used during a photographic shoot caused by a client or their party they are fully liable to pay for the damages caused.


Client information will be held with Blooming Rose Photography, our privacy policy ensures no personal details will be shared with any third party, if you do not wish for us to store this information please inform us to write it in our client contract form.